[wp-hackers] 2.3 Features

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Thu May 17 06:20:31 GMT 2007

Matt wrote:
> Those links wouldn't really fit for the Main Blog, but in the Admin they
> would. Because why would the Blog's viewers need to see those links. Of
> course most people would get rid of those links. :P
> "proudly powered" should just become "powered". Why bring opinions 
> into it?
> If they want to put proudly, they can edit the theme. We should just 
> keep it
> generic.
> As for the current blogroll, it's fine, in my opinion. Most people 
> will just
> get rid of the default links and replace them with their own. Just 
> like the
> default post and the default comment. Or just get rid of the default 
> links
> all together, maybe put them in the Admin.

I agree with the generic part of it and all, and yes, most will just 
delete them anyway. And another yes, they are still in the admin panel. 
:) If those links were just going to be deleted anyway, would it matter 
then if they were changed to something at least a little more useful 
then what's there now though? LOL

I mean, think about it once though. Once their install is DONE. They go 
to view blog. They see blog roll... they think.. "CRAP LINKS.. they 
don't help me none! Delete time!!" If they were useful, they'd possibly 
be thinking.. "Oh!! I'm going to hold on to these suckers!" :P

Even though they are already in the Admin panel, most of them don't 
really take the time to view everything in there, and perhaps even over 
looks them all too. Heck, even I've done that already. Just totally 
forgot about them there, cause you're so into doing the normal blog 
back-end dealings that you don't even think about looking for that stuff.

I see what you're saying though, and see your points. I can agree with 
your's too though. Just was throwing out other alternatives for those 
links, that's all. Not just for the sake of slighting them awesome 
folks. But for a little "change up", and for a "change up" with useful 
links. ;) :)

Either way though, this is just a discussion of/with thoughts, 
suggestions, opinions, and such coming forth for everyone to debate and 
discuss about. ;) :) Hell, till 2.3 goes out the door.. there's a lot of 
chance for discussion(s) and things going into action. If this is one 
that does not make it, then so be it. ;) I have to admit though, I'm one 
of those folks that deletes those links, but I always keep a link 
pointing to wordpress.org though. ;) :)

And I also DO READ those contributor blogs. :) Even though I don't 
usually comment on them lol. Yeah, I'm probably considered a "fan boy", 
but, after the stuff I wrote in here and previous one.. I'm a "rebel fan 
boy" .... LOL. Well, a little bit anyway.. hahaha.. :P Ah well..


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