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spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Thu May 17 03:43:21 GMT 2007

Robin Adrianse wrote:
> On 5/16/07, spencerp <spencerp1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Me hopes this makes it in too!
>> *Cough* Better draft system... *cough* LOL
>> http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic.php?id=7&page&replies=15
> I believe a better draft system is in the works, courtesy of Mark 
> Jaquith.
> Or, if not, I'd be glad to work on that.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mark was working on something, or at least planned 
to then... I think he mentioned about this in a reply the other month, 
when I re-bumped the original discussion I started on it. :D If you 
three (Mark, Rob1n, and Aaron) work on that puppy... I know it will rock 
n knock the socks right off folks. :D lol

> Or, revamp of Blog Roll, but I don't see that happening any time soon. ;)
>> http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic.php?id=560&page&replies=14
> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3931
> It didn't get much interest from Matt, though. If you want to rally 
> people
> up, I'm not going to mind :).

Yeah, well... not everyone will or would agree with that. After all, 
it's taking away "mad props",  and we can't forget the PR!! However, 
this isn't about stripping "them" (those folks currently listed on 
there) as such, to do "them" harm or whatever.

People like "change" from time to time. So, rather then it be looked at 
as "big" humongous ripping of their PRs, and ripping their links off 
"just because"... how about looking at it from another point of view? 
And that's replacing those links with USEFUL links, to various useful 
resources that people need the most?

Especially after an install! It's basically the first thing listed on 
there for Lord's sake LOL. If Dolly or Donny Dumbass gets their install 
done FINALLY after numerous repeated questions and stuff in the 
forums... and they get a Blog Roll with nothing but links to people's 
sites they really don't give a squat about to begin with, how's that 
going to help too?

IMHO, if I was a nOOb, after getting the installation done... I'd rather 
see links there such as:

Podz's Tuts Page
WordPress Support forums (even though those links are inside the 
wp-admin panel, all over. People might notice them right away, but it'd 
be the first thing they'd see though once getting to index page)
Theme Viewer(s)
Plugin link(s) (For codex section and or main plugin repository.)

And whatever else anyone thinks is useful. After all, most of the time 
when people get done with their installations, they think "Ok, now how 
do I change this theme!?" Or, "Ok, now how can I tweak this theme to do 
what I want it to do?!", Or, "Where can I get mods/plugins for this new 
awesome WP blog of mine!?"...

Rather then them having to find there ways around to certain specific 
locations on the .ORG site, it'd be right there, smack dab on their 
index page of new installation! Well, what ya know.. that's more helpful 
then links to people's sites they don't really want to read anyway... 
whee! LOL

Besides that, like I suggested here too>
And here>

They can even "make" a Contributor section in the dashboard index, or, 
whatever. Give them a little special place in there maybe? Also, please 
don't forget! There is of course this page here: 
http://wordpress.org/about/ besides the Dashboard itself that holds a 
good number of reads from those already in the default Blog Roll.

This whole discussion, (which Wank originally brought up and everyone 
knows about) isn't intended to slight anyone as such. It's to hopefully 
HELP the nOObs a little better. As well as provide "change" to the Blog 
Roll. Again, IMHO... it would be far more useful with helpful useful 
links, then just reads of Contributors. Not saying you're boring guys, 
but from a nOOb's point of view, I really don't think they'd care or 
give a flying willy about those links... LOL :P

They want HELP! "Help me dammit, I need this, I need that, can you do 
this for me please?" *Stop the madness, make it simpler!* Okay, I think 
I'm done... for now anyway... LOL..


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