[wp-hackers] Re: SOAP Interface

Knut-Olav Hoven hovenko at linpro.no
Fri May 11 15:53:17 GMT 2007

On Friday 11 May 2007 17:31:03 Shannon Whitley wrote:
> To provide the best support for all users, WordPress has to evolve.  It
> can't evolve if it plans to support old PHP and MySQL versions forever.
> That support may be seen as an advantage now, but I believe it will
> actually result in a disservice to the users.  In some areas, WP won't be
> able to improve due to the limitations of the old support software.  I
> think it's important to create a support-software roadmap for WP.  By all
> means, run WP2.1 forever on PHP 4, but when you want to upgrade to WP X,
> you'll need PHP Y and MySQL Z.

I agree with this. I don't think it is a good idea to allways be backwards 
compatible with "the stone age" (to be on the edge). Of course we should not 
be on the bleeding edge either, but at least follow the evolution.

I currently work on a highly customized WordPress (mostly customized through 
plugins and theme) and I often get requests to integrate with other software 
and web services.

It is great that WordPress has such a large amount of users and I don't think 
that setting the requirements to PHP5 and MySQL5 will change that. Those who 
refuse to upgrade can continue running the latest 2.x release, while the rest 
of us run 3.x (or something).

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