[wp-hackers] Re: SOAP Interface

Shannon Whitley swhitley at aol.com
Fri May 11 15:31:03 GMT 2007

I almost changed the subject line on this post, but I think we've about
exhausted this discussion anyway.  I'll throw out my opinion.

My background is in enterprise applications development.  Over the past ten
years I've mainly worked with the PeopleSoft ERP.  I've been through a lot
of upgrades and multiple versions of web servers, middle-tier products,
databases, etc.

WordPress is very popular, and that popularity is driving its importance.
WP is a key application for regular folks like me, but I also see it
becoming an important business tool.  People are going to expect WP to
support the newer features of PHP and MySQL. 

To provide the best support for all users, WordPress has to evolve.  It
can't evolve if it plans to support old PHP and MySQL versions forever.
That support may be seen as an advantage now, but I believe it will actually
result in a disservice to the users.  In some areas, WP won't be able to
improve due to the limitations of the old support software.  I think it's
important to create a support-software roadmap for WP.  By all means, run
WP2.1 forever on PHP 4, but when you want to upgrade to WP X, you'll need
PHP Y and MySQL Z.  

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