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Aubrey Kilian wrote:
> And it'd be a good idea to see the pros and cons of innodb vs. myisam
> tables, amongst others, as Matt pointed out, is performance increase
> on heavilly indexed tables,  and transactions support, but there's a
> bit of a performance hit for reading, and you lose fulltext indexes.
> It'd be worth doing benchmarks on your specific instance me thinks. 

MySQL has FullText support in InnoDB on their "to-do" list, though the
insider's word is that's not going to happen.

Now, I could SWEAR I read about this in so many different places, but
for the life of me I can't find a link now nor remember its name, but
MySQL is supposed to be working on the successor to InnoDB and MyISAM,
something that combines the speed of InnoDB and gives it FullText
searches amongst other things. I can't remember the name of this in-dev
tabletype, and it seems Google can't either :/

Anyone here have better memory than me? Help me out?


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