[wp-hackers] OT: MySQL optimization

Aubrey Kilian aubreykilian at gmail.com
Tue May 8 09:30:49 GMT 2007


On 5/8/07, Chris Williams <chris at clwill.com> wrote:
> The one table I'm concerned about isn't on a blog, but it is 6.5gb with
> ~1M records, so this is good info.  Off to InnoDB I go...
You might want to schedule some downtime before changing. :-)
Converting 6.5GB of myisam table into innodb might take a while.

But then, naturally one would assume that you'd be trying this on a
development machine with a copy of the live database first, right?
And it'd be a good idea to see the pros and cons of innodb vs. myisam
tables, amongst others, as Matt pointed out, is performance increase
on heavilly indexed tables,  and transactions support, but there's a
bit of a performance hit for reading, and you lose fulltext indexes.
It'd be worth doing benchmarks on your specific instance me thinks.


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