[wp-hackers] Nice to meet you

Juan Manuel Doren jmdoren at ok.cl
Fri Mar 23 03:59:09 GMT 2007

Thank you Matt and Steve!

my first goal is to use WP to manage several sites, but with just one

I used to start my own codes with somethink like
if ( gentenv( 'HOST_NAME' ) == 'example.com' )

... yeah, this is just an example, I really use a hosts table on the
database!  ;-)

this allows me to share only one list of users, i have one database to
backup, can share some resources across all my sites network ( images,
videos, css and others )

can you recommend me some documentation to read, or some plugin to
look for this purpose?

I decided to start working on WP and forget ( for a while ) WPMU, I
hope to make some contributions in a short time

my regards

  J M

2007/3/22, Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com>:
> Juan Manuel Doren wrote:
> > i ask this because i would like to work improving wpmu, but i'm
> > affraid to waste my work if wp core changes
> >
> > what do you think about this?
> Welcome to the community!
> There are no plans to merge WPMU with WP on the roadmap, however they
> are very closely tied together. They share 98%+ of their code and MU
> follows WP so if you're looking to contribute to the core functionality
> of WordPress, this is the place to be.
> There is no equivalent list for MU hackers right now, so this is also
> the right place to discuss something which might touch both codebases,
> but if that discussion expands much we'll want to move it to a separate
> list.
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Juan Manuel Doren
Santiago, Chile

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