[Spam] Re: [wp-hackers] Plugin Directory Bug

Michael D Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Mon Mar 19 22:37:03 GMT 2007

On Mar 19, 2007, at 3:46 AM, Jamie Talbot wrote:

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> Hi,
> Not sure if anyone else has come across this, but a plugin of mine  
> in the plugin directory has a
> subfolder, js, which isn't in the zipfile available for download.   
> In its place is a file called
> 'js' of zero bytes.  Might this be a bug in the packaging script?   
> The plugin is Gengo, but I'm sure
> there are lots more that have a similar subdirectory structure.

Yes, this is a bug that's being looked at now.  Apologies for the  

> I think this has also been raised before, but is it intended that  
> the download link will always
> package from trunk?

You're in control on this one.  In the readme file in trunk, you  
should specify the "Stable Tag".  You can read all about the readme  
format in the "meta readme file": http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ 

Downloads for all tags and for trunk are made available:
plugin.zip = trunk
plugin.tagname.zip = tag

The default download (the one you get when you click the "download  
this plugin" button) is the one specified by your trunk readme's  
Stable Tag as above (though this behavior was a bit buggy until  

plugin.latest.zip is a good idea, and will be implemented... sometime :)


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