[wp-hackers] Call for Plugin Developer

jason switzer jswitzer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 03:29:05 GMT 2007

On 3/18/07, Sabin Iacob <iacobs at m0n5t3r.info> wrote:

> I am using the PHP JPEG metadata toolkit to handle XMP, and it pretty
> much does the job, but the code is hideous, most functions output html
> when they don't like something, the author felt an urge to reinvent UTF8
> escaping (all escaping, actually), so rewriting that is high on my
> priority list, if I only could find a few days of feeling like working
> to get it started...
> At f-spot.org they say _reading_ xmp and IPTC data is planned and is to
> be included really soon; they say nothing about writing, but I have to
> check the source code. What I was more interested in was the RPC
> protocols they use for publishing to flickr and the like; I'll check to
> see if the gallery remote service from gallery2 can be hacked to work
> stand-alone, or I would need to write the whole implementation from
> scratch.

Getting Gallery2 to incorporate with WP is cumbersome at best. Way too much
work is required on my end to simply incorporate the galleries due to their
decision to use smarty tags. Again, I want the web server to do as little as
possible because I have a rather under-powered server at the moment and an
over-powered desktop. I would much rather work with a solid desktop
application as it would fit my needs better. Publishing under flickr would
take forever with their 20MB a month limit.

I'd rather not use Gallery or Coppermine as those do not fit my needs, so
lets try to avoid discussing them further.

I have not tested this feature set enough to verify this, however, according
to the F-Spot website (http://f-spot.org/Features):

Photos can be tagged for searching and grouping, and the timeline gives
quick sense of temporal location, and quanity of photos taken. F-Spot can
view and export EXIF and XMP metadata in your images.

I know there is an option to tell F-Spot to export the metadata to the
files, but I haven't really tested that yet (I assumed that's what they were
referring to).

The capabilities of F-Spot is not what I wanted to discuss. I am currently
looking to fill a need by looking for a developer to help me work through
this. This may not be the perfect solution, I would like the option of
managing my photo collection through a desktop application. It would be nice
if this (as of yet) non-existent module could be extended to be generic so
that other desktop tools could export for this plugin. If anyone still wants
to help, please speak up.

> On an unrelated note: xfce is built on Gtk, so it can interact with gnome
> > applications and do all things gnome. You shouldn't have any troubles
> > running f-spot under gnome (or kde for that matter).
> moria ~ # emerge -p f-spot
> These are the packages that would be merged, in order:
> Calculating dependencies... done!
> [snip]
> Total: 32 packages (31 new, 1 in new slot), Size of downloads: 47,980 kB
> ... or maybe not.

This is completely off topic but this doesn't really prove anything much.
The dependencies of f-spot and the current state of your gentoo install
aren't under question here. This really isn't the place to knock on other
products. Use the right tool for the right job; if this is not the right
tool for you, then move on to something else that is but don't waste my time
by trying to convince me that f-spot has too many dependencies.

This module could also be applied to other desktop applications such as
gThumb or digikam.

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