[wp-hackers] wpmu default blog/folder

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Tue Mar 13 16:56:19 GMT 2007

> http://mu.wordpress.org/forum

yeah, I missed those posts, thank you!

> I do see that if you edit your wp_1_options table and look for the
> permalink_structure record, it's set in there.  I'd try removing it
> and see if that helps.

unfortunately, it does not, because say you change the 'blog' into  
'news', wpmu will look for a blog called 'news', and stripping it  
will only make the request redirect to wp-signup for whatever is the  
first permalink item (so, if it's the post id, wpmu suggest you to  
open a blog with that post id as blog name...).

this lead me into two issues: replacing blog/ with something else and/ 
or catching all wp-signup requests, which I didn't realize to do..
I'll try with the forums anyway, but I think I'll need to tweak more  
than one core files. Apart from that, the whole plan worth it.. :-)

Thank you!

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