[wp-hackers] Mass upgrade question

James Davis james at freecharity.org.uk
Mon Jun 25 08:16:30 GMT 2007

Scot Hacker wrote:
> A question for those of you who have written shell (or other) scripts to
> perform mass upgrades of client WP installations: Do your scripts also
> attempt to trigger wp-admin/upgrade.php after updating, or do you
> generate an email telling the user to do that (with link)?

My script calls upgrade.php after installing the updated files.

> If upgrade.php isn't run soon after the file upgrade is completed, is
> there any danger of the public site not displaying correctly?

Sometimes. It depends on the upgrade.

> Also, a policy question: Do you let clients opt-in to having their blogs
> automatically upgraded when new releases come out, or do you simply
> upgrade all client installations automatically for security reasons?

I warn customers first but unless I hear otherwise, they get upgraded
along with everyone else.


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