[wp-hackers] Mass upgrade question

Aaron Brazell abrazell at b5media.com
Sun Jun 24 04:40:15 GMT 2007

There's only two people who have publicly disclosed mass upgrade  
methods (that I'm aware of) and both are employed by b5, so I guess  
I'll field this question. ;) A third who does this, I can only  
assume, is Automattic with WordPress.com - but I can't speak for them.

Our upgrade script does indeed invoke cURL to run the upgrade.php  
script. We can't expect our bloggers to do anything except freak out  
when they see the "Database requires upgrade" message. :) Most of the  
time, if a blog slips through it's no big deal. The blog will display  
publicly as expected. One of the recent upgrades (2.0 -> 2.1) did  
indeed break the Loop until upgrade though, but most of the time that  
doesn't happen and the blog will continue to operate as normal. In  
fact, that's the only time it has ever happened in my recollection.

As for the policy question - understand that in our case, we own 95%  
of the blogs with a few exceptions where blogger-owned blogs  
affiliate with us for business reasons. In those rare cases, it is  
understood contractually that we handle the tech including upgrades.  
So no, we don't allow people to opt in or opt out. It doesn't fit our  
philosophy as a company to have people doing different things.

Hope that helps.

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On Jun 24, 2007, at 12:22 AM, Scot Hacker wrote:

> A question for those of you who have written shell (or other)  
> scripts to perform mass upgrades of client WP installations: Do  
> your scripts also attempt to trigger wp-admin/upgrade.php after  
> updating, or do you generate an email telling the user to do that  
> (with link)?
> If upgrade.php isn't run soon after the file upgrade is completed,  
> is there any danger of the public site not displaying correctly?
> Also, a policy question: Do you let clients opt-in to having their  
> blogs automatically upgraded when new releases come out, or do you  
> simply upgrade all client installations automatically for security  
> reasons?
> Thanks,
> Scot
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