[wp-hackers] Blogroll, Bookmarks, Links?

Leonid Mamchenkov leonid at mamchenkov.net
Mon Jun 18 21:41:02 GMT 2007


On 6/19/07, Marci O'Daffer <marci at odaffer.net> wrote:
> I  usually just change the core so it reads differently, so
> the client does not misunderstand it. Anyone else see a use
> for this kind of change?

I managed to survive with Custom Admin Menu plugin, which allows to
hide and/or rename administration menu items.  The plugin is available
from here:


There is also a screencast/video which demonstrates how the plugin works.

But I do agree with you - this area could use some consistency. And
I'd much rather have it as "Links", which is a superset of both
"Bookmarks" and "Blogroll", and which is something regular people are
used to the most.

P.S.: I think there was a very similar thread on this list not so long
ago.  Wonder what happened to that. :)

Leonid Mamchenkov

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