[wp-hackers] rss2_head and admin_head hooks and other strange things

Pedro Laguna pedlagdur at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 13:30:05 GMT 2007

Hi, i am coding a plugin that uses the wp_head, login_head,
admin_head, rss_head, rss2_head, atom_head, rdf_header and rss2_head
to _preg_replace_ any information about the version of WordPress that
some site is running to evade the Wordpress Vulnerability scanner made
by David Kierznowski[1]

I have code some PHP to replace everything but some files are not
processed with these hooks.
- wp-commentsrss2.php doesnt lauch the rss2_head hook action
- the wp-install.php and wp-upgrade.php dont be affected by the admin_head
- wp-links-opml.php doesnt have any hook to manipulate it and uses
$wp_version instead of bloginfo('version');

Probally the solution of all my problems is create a filter to
bloginfo, but as i say before, the wp-links-opml.php doesnt use it.

How can i do it? Thanks.

[1] http://michaeldaw.org/news/news-100607/

Pedro Laguna

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