[wp-hackers] Tango Smilies for the win

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 10:51:43 GMT 2007

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> 404 on the tarball, btw.

Fixed. Thanks. :)

> I noticed you suggest to install the code in mu-plugins and the resources in
> plugins -> is that a well-understood WPMU plugin pattern? I've been writing
> my WPMU-compatible plugins to expect code in mu-plugins and the resources in
> a subdirectory.

No, that is not a common pattern. I just thought it would make it easier
to install on WPMU so that you wouldn't have to modify the plugin file.

When modifying WP plugins to work with WPMU, I frequently do it that
way, simply because there's less modifying of plugins for me to do,
which makes for easier upgrading of the plugin.

> *Boh*, I just wrote and registered tango-smilies yesterday.

*Boh*, I actually wrote my plugin a few weeks ago, but only released it
today. :)

Oh, did you register it on the WordPress plugin browser? I didn't do
that for mine, because there is a GPL requirement on the plugins hosted
there, and the Tango smilies are CC-BY-SA, which is not compatible with GPL.

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