[wp-hackers] Tango Smilies for the win

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Jun 18 10:09:39 GMT 2007

<quote who="Jeremy Visser">

> Matt, you may be interested in the plugin I released today:
>   http://jeremy.sunriseroad.net/projects/tango-emotes/

*Boh*, I just wrote and registered tango-smilies yesterday. :-) 404 on the
tarball, btw.

I noticed you suggest to install the code in mu-plugins and the resources in
plugins -> is that a well-understood WPMU plugin pattern? I've been writing
my WPMU-compatible plugins to expect code in mu-plugins and the resources in
a subdirectory.

Here's a link to my (as yet unreleased on wordpress.org) tango-smilies one:


(Also a preview of my bug-links plugin in that directory too.)


- Jeff

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