[wp-hackers] Canvas. Did anyone heard about this?

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Sun Jun 10 15:43:30 GMT 2007

> I just stumbled upon this plugin called Canvas[1] and it seems like  
> an interesting thing to include with wp. I haven't had the chance  
> to really dive into it, but perhaps somebody on this list already did?

It's powerful, but quite a mess for end users, or at least for *our*  
end users.  Concepts are really good, but just a little old.
Looks like it's concept is born before widgets concept, and never  
sync with WP trunk ideas anymore.

We spent two weeks prototyping on it, but we dropped because of too  
many issues. Figure that we have even made some widgets! :-)

> The original authors are looking for some new maintainers[2] and it  
> would be a shame to let this plugin disappear as it seems to make a  
> nice addition to the sidebar widgets. Any thoughts on this?

It's a shame, but is also a huge work. Hope that some code and some  
ideas will be taken to start new projects, sometimes is better than  

Pixline Coding Collective

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