[wp-hackers] Canvas. Did anyone heard about this?

Steve Lewis stevelle at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 05:00:53 GMT 2007

On 6/9/07, Burobjorn <burobjorn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just stumbled upon this plugin called Canvas[1] and it seems like an
> interesting thing to include with wp. I haven't had the chance to really
> dive into it, but perhaps somebody on this list already did?

This is not directed at you personally, but at the community as a
suggestion/reminder as this is the second time in two minutes that I have
opened a message to a technical list and found a message like this.  Please,
in the interest of making the most of your own time, if you are going to
post a message to drive traffic to a URL, please say more then "This is
cool" or a rough paraphrase of same.  Tell us what the heck it is you are
promoting.  The first link you provided doesn't even tell us what Canvas is
supposed to be.  Just because you are excited about it doesn't mean the rest
of us will click through multiple links to try to puzzle out what you are
promoting based solely on your enthusiasm.


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