Atom 1.0 comments feed? Re: [wp-hackers] WP issues

Matt Mullenweg m at
Sat Jun 2 06:26:17 GMT 2007

Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
> How would that help this issue? It was _finally_ fixed in 2.2, when Atom 
> 1.0 support was added at the site level (the shipped comments feed is 
> unusable, so it isn't really added, IMO). This is, along with various 
> other points, an issue with WP's development process.

Well we have Atom support now, I'm sorry it didn't come fast enough for
you, but it is what it is. It's unlikely anything like the 2.1 dev cycle
will happen again. The best way to have an impact on future development
is to participate positively in it, as it appears some of your
suggestions for the comments feed might have nuggets of.

However, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

I don't think anyone involved has malicious intent for WordPress or any
standards, so there is no reason to belittle or insult ("the person who
implemented it had NEVER read the Atom 1.0 spec") people who made an
good-faith effort to make things better. I would rather someone try to 
contribute and make a mistake than sit on the sidelines. The bugs will 
be fixed --- it's not the end of the world.

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