[wp-hackers] Per-page Widget Settings

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sat Jun 2 05:25:53 GMT 2007

Otto wrote:
> I'm not entirely certain how you're envisioning the interface here, so
> I cannot say how to do it the way you want to do it. The consensus on
> trac seemed to be that most people disliked hated the user interface
> of SBM, because it made you configure the widgets to show up in
> certain places instead of configuring the places to show certain
> widgets, if that makes any sense.

I would love to see some of the functionality of SBM become a core patch 
for widgets. Some things that come to mind:

* Widgets are single-instance. It'd be great to have multiple copies of 
the same widget with different config options, for example imagine a 
links widget where you show different categories or arrangements in 
different places.
* That also solves the annoying text + rss widget number thing.
* Titles are annoying. My text widget is called "About Me", why does it 
say "Text Widget #9" on the screen.
* The interface doesn't work with a large number of available widgets, 
say 100.
* There is no save button on the widget config popups, so people don't 
know what to do. I'd like the screens to be a little bit more like Facebook.
* Saving a config option and the arrangement (layout) should be distinct.
* It'd be nice to have something to show certain widgets on certain page 
types, I think SBM totally has the right idea there.

Patches for any of the above would be gladly accepted and applauded.

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