[wp-hackers] Per Post comment feed...feature or accident?

Christian Höltje docwhat+list.wp.hackers at gerf.org
Tue Jul 31 12:41:29 GMT 2007

I read someone's wordpress blog and posted a comment and I thought to
my self, "gee, it'd be nice if I could just subscribe to the comments
for *this* post..." 

I putzed around for a while and discovered that if I added "/feed" to
the end of the post's URL it would return comments ONLY for that post!

Is this a feature or an accident of design?  I ask because there is no
advertising of this URL.  If it is a feature, then someone should add
the RSS links to the header and possibly to the sidebars...

If it is a happy accident, can we make it official and add the links?


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