[wp-hackers] Assigning Pages to Categories

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Sat Jul 28 21:44:40 GMT 2007

> When 2.3 is released a plugin adding categories to pages wouldn't  
> be hard at
> all thanks to the new taxonomy system. If you don't like the  
> current plugin
> out there just sit tight and I'm sure something else will be  
> developed.

I'm trying to do something similar with Category Page plugin, which  
I'm currently debugging (with some troubles). It bind a page to a  
category, and ships with modified template file (for the default  
theme) to explain how to use it, but I'm also writing a widget,  
hoping to finish it tomorrow :-)

I was able to make it work for 2.1.3, 2.2.1 and svn at this time,  
checking for compatibility with other releases.  It has some strange  
bugs, and I'm not using it in production actually but I'll do soon,  
just to test it.

You can find it (and if you like help me as well ;-) at


comments and feedback are also welcome to its official page:


I hope it can help you :-)

Pixline Coding Collective

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