[wp-hackers] Re: Please Help: Gallery2 Rewrites and Wordpress Pages

ozgreg wphackers at galleryembedded.com
Mon Jul 9 23:08:55 GMT 2007

otto at ottodestruct.com wrote:
> I fail to understand the problem. Could you describe the setup in more
> detail? I don't use Gallery and so I don't understand what you're
> trying to do here or what its rewrite rules are.
> It reads like you have Wordpress installed at the root, then have a
> Page called "Photos", but I don't understand where or how you're
> calling gallery. What is /photos/images? Is it a real directory? Where
> is Gallery installed, what are its rewrite rules?
> Any rewrite problem can be solved, you just have to give all the details.

Hiya Otto,

Thanks for your reply to answer your Q and yes I have an internal solution working now thanks to using query_vars & rewrite_rules_array

1. no /photos/images does not exist in either Gallery2 or Wordpress it is a result of the Gallery2 rewrite rules.
2. I  had already posted the Gallery2 rewrite rule in question in my first post.
3, I have a number of different installs in different locations, some root some subdirectories to ensure the WPG2 plugin will work in different locations.. 
4. Calling Gallery2 is via a series of embedded API Calls, which I open up and retrieve Gallery2 data using the template redirect hook to generate the output..

it is pretty complex to overlay Gallery2 within Wordpress and getting all these events to work within a internal Wordpress Page is proving problematic.  I be happy to take anyone through the concepts if you are interested you can contact me via the WPG2 forums..

WPG2 Installation, Operation & FAQ Documentation (http://wpg2.galleryembedded.com/)

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