[wp-hackers] Drop PHP4 support entirely?

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Honestly though - users don't give a damn about under the hood. "Power" doesn't mean anything - features do.

Now if we used PDO to make it possible to connect to PostgreSQL and stuff,  small percentage of our userbase might just be convinced. But you tell the rest it's "faster" and "more efficient" and they'll just tell you it wasn't slow before.

Jamie: imagine at this very minute in the Fantastico mailing list, they're saying: "Now if only they could get Matt Mullenweg to agree to make WP only PHP5, our chances just skyrocketed" :P

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> On 7/7/07, Jamie Holly <hovercrafter at earthlink.net> wrote:
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> > That is what I was more or less getting at. I don't see a bunch of
> users
> > pushing their hosting companies (or fleeing them) if a new version of
> WP
> > comes out and lacks a reason to make them want to switch. If there
> isn't
> > some great new features, then they will most likely stick with the
> status
> > quo (look at the number of sites still running 2.0.x and even 1.5.x).
> >
> > Now if the GOPHP5 people can get Netenberg to join in and say that
> the
> > software offered by Fantastico will require PHP5, then the odds of
> this
> > being successful just skyrocketed. :D
> Making WPDB use PDO would be a big enough feature. If the power of it
> is
> explained to users...
> Actually, Fantastico is one of the reasons why hosts aren't making PHP
> 5
> default. Since many of the programs installed by Fantastico aren't PHP
> 5
> compatible, hosts have to make sure they work...
> Also, on another note, users that use cPanel could easily use it to
> switch
> to PHP 5 (if that's how their host allows them to switch to PHP5, via,
> AddHandler). They would just go to the "Apache Handler" page and type
> in
> .php in the extension box and application/x-httpd-php5 in the handler
> box.
> They could then add .php4 (it's hard to tell if hosts have this
> avaiable by
> default) with application/x-httpd-php as the handler. Much simpler than
> using .htaccess. All it does is edit .htaccess automatically.
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