[wp-hackers] Upgrade instructions fatally flawed for Mac

Michael B miklb.online at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 04:09:13 GMT 2007

On 1/18/07, Lloyd Budd <lloydomattic at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/17/07, Michael B <miklb.online at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Regardless of this pissing match over Finder vs FTP, I altered the
> > instructions 2 days ago to say "do not overwrite your wp-contents
> > directory".  If someone wants to add to manually overwrite Akismet,
> knock
> > themselves out.  I don't think Default or Classic have been changed in
> quite
> > sometime, and anyone using default or classic have probably made
> changes,
> > and wouldn't want them overwritten anyway.
> Your change is greatly appreciated, but it also does not address any
> fundamental problem -- are  specific instructions desirable for a
> particularly environment?

First and foremost, for a long time, in WP support, the de rigeur was to not
touch wp-contents.  I don't know who and what changed that, so I don't know
why or how... In Mac, if you want to overwrite something in a directory, you
are prompted "an older item exists, do you want to overwrite", so, there's a
fail safe... but without knowing...no merge of content..

So long story short, I still stand by the opinion that leave wp-content
alone, unless release notes mention a change to a bundled plugin/theme
(which right now is akismet (opinion withheld/ default (god forbid that's

I specifically had hoped to clarify why some people think Mac OS X
> only knows how to overwrite folders. What are the steps to duplicate
> the problem?
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