[wp-hackers] Upgrade instructions fatally flawed for Mac

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Jan 17 19:54:31 GMT 2007

Lloyd Budd wrote:

> What FTP client are you using? Finder? Or are you using Finder locally
> on your server?

There may be issues with some FTP clients, but FTP is not required to 
experience the bug. Indeed using a good ftp client may help prevent it.

1. This is a problem for local Finder copies.

2. This is a problem for for network Finder copies; i.e. when the 
server's disk is mounted over the default Apple file sharing protocol.

I suspect, though I haven not yet verified, that this is also a problem 
when the network server is mounted over non-default protocols like NFS 
or SMB.

I am not sure what happens if one were to use rcp or scp to make the 

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