[wp-hackers] User folders for themes, plug-ins

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Thu Jan 18 16:45:46 GMT 2007

Steve Lewis wrote:
> On 1/18/07, Charles <lists07 at wiltgen.net> wrote:
>> > [Steve]  It *can* be written.  It can work cleanly.  It can improve
>> > the application.  Charles, I guess I'm signing on to help.
>> <snip>
> I'm a good coder, and I have been rooting around in WP code for a couple
> years now, authoring custom plugins, themes, and a couple hacks.  I 
> can do
> all the work, but wouldn't by any means refuse the chance to collaborate.
> The /most/ important part of this feature is it's design.  Should we 
> allow
> the path to be configurable?  Should we allow it to be outside the 
> webroot?
> <snip>
For coders, geeks and that kind, it is OK to be outside the web servers 
document root.
For many other normal users, that will be too complicated.


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