[wp-hackers] Create thumbnail proposal...Was: Bug with Thumbnail Creation

Bjorn Wijers mailings at bdisfunctional.net
Wed Jan 17 16:20:37 GMT 2007

He guys,

I've made a proposal due to a wish of one of my clients to explicitly 
define the max_side to be either the width or the height. So I changed 
the wp_create_thumbnail function (located wp-admin/admin-functions.php).
Besides this I changed the error handling in this function in such a way 
that upon error it will return the error as

$array['error'] = "Errormessage"

and made some of the returned error messages more descriptive.

Looking forward to your ideas and feedback and I hope it will be useful.

See my proposal here:

ps: I used the 2.1 trunk for this and this is my first diff/patch so be 
gentle ;)

All the best,


ryan fitzer wrote:
> Wow! Thanks for getting right on that so quick Michael. I'll test it out.
> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3588
> Ryan
> On 1/16/07, ryan fitzer <ryanfitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm getting a bug in 2.0.7 (I've seen it in earlier versions as well)
>> where the inline uploading process creates different sized thumbnails
>> depending on the image's ratio and/or file size.
>> Example:
>> Uploaded an image 1152px wide by 864px tall and WP generated a thumb that
>> was 128px wide by 96px tall.
>> Uploaded another image that was 576px by 479px and WP generated a thumb
>> that was 96px wide by 73px tall.
>> Then resized image 2 to be 600px wide by 450px tall and WP generated a
>> thumb that was 128px wide by 96px tall.
>> Has anyone else witnessed this behavior (and is it normal)? I submitted a
>> ticket http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3588
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Ryan
>> -- 
>> Ryan Fitzer
>> Dallas, TX
>> http://www.ryanfitzer.com

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