[wp-hackers] Automatic multi-host WordPress upgrade

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Jan 12 17:48:05 GMT 2007

Alex Guensche wrote:
> As for WordPress, I have created such a solution, which does a fine job
> on my server and I wanted to share. [...]
> I hope it saves somebody a couple of hours. (Usage hints below.)

Nice script Alex!  It is very similar, in concept, to a script I sent into
wp-testers a week ago:

Yours has a different implementation, of course, but the basic thrust of it
is the same.  I like what you did with that cut function.  Keeping a
separate configuration file has its advatages!

I found one other script that does similar things, but it was specific to
this persons site. I think it was mostly for new blog installation.  It even
went out, downloaded and installed the standard plugins she desired for each
of her blogs.

I started my script back in August, last year.  It was six lines or so.
Version 2.0RC1, released today, is now 800+ lines with documentation.  It's
grown just a bit, but I tried to make it so that the novice user can edit
just one section and it will work giving them full backups of files and
tables in the process.

Anyway, my latest script will always be at
http://www.TheCodeCave.com/EasyWPUpdate  Feel free to peruse it and use any
ideas you like.  It is not GNU but free.

I really do think that these scripts are the way of the future for WordPress
updates.  There is no reason anymore for any one to spend 40 minutes (or
even hours and hours) to update a blog.  Not when this stuff works.

Those who are testing either of our scripts won't even have to think about
the update process.  They telnet in, run the update and boom they are done
with safe backups they can use in case anything went wrong.... 

I just think this is a far better world.

Thanks again for posting your script!  I really like the techniques you've
used.  They were definitely at a higher level than I was. I've learned some
neat stuff by reviewing what you did.

Brian Layman

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