[wp-hackers] Final push for 2.1

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 09:57:37 GMT 2007

[Nikolay wrote> 
Also, in my opinion it will be very helpful to release a public (by
public I mean on the dev blog and everything) in order to have first-hand experience from a broader public.~~~]

Once again! I know, I know.. I'm sounding like a broken record here. Hahaha.. =P 

So, to summarize a little more in detail here..

1) Maybe try and figure out that Viper007Bond "issue" there, or whatever.. =P 

2) Maybe make a "2.1 Beta" forum? (If I had the "powers, and say to do so", I'd make one lol!)... 

3) Make a sticky, or some stickies at the top of the 2.1 Beta forum, containing the "warnings, "do's and don'ts", "how to download the 2.1 beta", "the way to join the testers list", "the changes", "features", "what's to be expected", "where to report the issues", "whatever else".. 

[Do's and Don'ts being] - not to upgrade over their live 2.0.X blog's, but as a new one. 

[Warnings being] - General warnings, also, maybe some in reference to the link categories changes, whatever else..

[How to download] - Where they can get it from, obviously lol! Which is through the testers list, but, maybe make a downloadable link in the post there.. (ducks from flying objects)...

[The way to join testers list] - Which I'm sure most know already, but still.. 

[Changes/Features] - Maybe post some of the informations from Ryan, Mark, and whoever else's blog, on this stuff

[Where to report the issues] - Of course, one of the lists, hackers/testers, or 2.1 forum maybe?

[The whatever else] - It's pretty self explanatory right, haha. 

4) Not too sure about this one, but, maybe make a post on the Dev Blog. Which would contain roughly the same information as the 2.1 Beta forum stickies?

5) If you make the 2.1 full_blown_public in any way, and the users don't want to join and post to the wp-testers or wp-hackers list. You're almost going to have to make a 2.1 Beta forum, or, just use the current Beta forum.. but make a sticky or stickies at the top, as mentioned on 3).. 

6) Skip the whole Beta forum idea, but take the ideas from 3) and whatever else, and just apply it to a DEV Blog post? (But keep number 5) and second to last paragraph in mind though.)

I'm not really sure on 4) though, I'm a little skeptical about making it totally full_blown_public. Because some might think, "Wow! I'm going to trash my 2.0.X blog for that one!! I want to be cool and awesome, just like spencerp is!!" Hahaha.. just kidding lol!! =P 

Even though some of us are, and have been using it since day one or whatever, it's still technically only for "testing" purposes. And, I'd hate to see *all* the normal WordPress support forums hammered with TONS of 2.1 support questions.. (Even though I haven't been in there lately lol.. *cough* thinking of the mods and volunteers).. 

Might want to specify about that, for after making the 2.1 Beta forum or something.. "ALL 2.1 Related Questions stay in this 2.1 Beta forum!"  


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