[wp-hackers] Checking plugins versions

Tassoman (mailing) ml at tassoman.com
Tue Jan 2 09:45:22 GMT 2007

Il giorno lun, 01/01/2007 alle 17.42 -0800, Viper007Bond ha scritto:
> I've thought about this before. A plugin called Alchemy was looking to do
> that (as well as plugin and them installs), but it seems to have died off.
> :(

I think that if plugin writers could be "forced" to add a txt file (like
pluginname.ver) containing the number version of lastest stable to check
against owned by user archive distribution. A small method like
"get_plugin_version" could be triggered for example once a week?

The only problem is that for famous plugins this could be an hammer into
web servers.

I use to do that with my plugin Spreadshop, I have a txt version number
contained in svn at Google code. Each time someone opens option page it
checks for a new release number then displays in the option page. 

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