[wp-hackers] Bug in wordpress.org site search

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Tue Feb 27 02:47:05 GMT 2007


You can use Google / Scroogle's search in the form 
"site:codex.wordpress.org query". It works pretty well. It's not always 
absolutely up to date, but it's normally only behind by a few days I 
find, so you'll only miss the very latest changes.


Can somebody simply disable the WordPress site search for the time 
being? Or use Yahoo's site search instead? Broken search is a serious, 
serious usability issue in my opinion.


spencerp wrote:
> Callum Macdonald wrote:
>> Following up my own post, I also can't access the second page of 
>> results, and if I try a search then click the search button again 
>> (effectively repeating the search) I get back to "no results found".
>> I'm resorting to using a Scroogle site search instead.
>> C.
>> Callum Macdonald wrote:
>>> G'day,
>>> When I enter a search on this page and click submit, I get no 
>>> results found:
>>> http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page
>>> However, if I search from any other page on the codex, I get results.
>>> Yet both searches take me to the same results page:
>>> http://wordpress.org/search/permalink
>>> Does anyone else experience the same behaviour? I've tried a few 
>>> searches recently and was surprised to find no results, I think this 
>>> explains why.
>>> Is there a bugzilla or such for the site? Should I report this 
>>> somewhere else also?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Callum.
> Yeah, sigh..That's one of the main reasons why my "support giving" in 
> the forums went down the toilet. Why, because the search just never 
> seems to work! That's the main tool I use when helping people on the 
> forums, take that away from me, and it's like a blind person trying to 
> drive a car...
> Sadly, that's why I just haven't been to the forums to help lately... 
> Don't get me wrong though, I'll still help here and there... but, 
> -- 
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