[wp-hackers] WP & MVC

Martin Sturm msturm10 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 12:20:14 GMT 2007

2007/2/24, howard chen <howachen at gmail.com>:
> Firstly, I think there is no need to port WP to another language,
> since PHP is already the most popular web scripting language and will
> continue to be. And rewrite to another language will even take more
> time then refactoring.

I didn't meant that serious.. changing to another language would
alienate most of the developers, I guess.

> PHP4/5 class level supports, in fact is not that bad, if you look at
> codes of another PHP Blog such as LifeType (www.lifetype.net), their
> codes are pretty well written,  using modren MVC OO approach, I think
> WP can learn from that.

Well, PHP4/5 has reasonable support for classes and  objects, but the
main problem with PHP is that the core isn't object oriented, and that
it requires at least PHP5 in order to do OO the proper way. That would
mean adding PHP5 as a requirement for WordPress, which is not
something the core developers will support (I guess).
But then again, I think it is not worth the effort to rewrite the
entire core of WP just to make it object oriented. Certainly, if there
are possibilities to structure it better or make the code cleaner, it
should be done.

Off topic: I just take a look at LifeType (I had never heard of it).
Its  installation (using a wizard) is nice, but it didn't work on my
computer (the .htaccess is not allowed, which caused a internal server
error). The admin is not very clear (WordPress is more userfriendly),
but it has some nice features. Because this is already using a MVC
pattern and object oriented, people can use this if they wanted that.


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