[wp-hackers] Getting started with the Source of Wordpress

sai krishna hodude81 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 11:51:34 GMT 2007

It suports PHP 5 I believe, I've been using it for over one year, till today I didn't face much problems with it.  I use  PHP5,MySQL 5 which comes with xampp
  Yeah, one problem I've seen, it doesn't create .htaccess file, if you  are using it in windows.
  I'm afraid it is not only my system problem.
Michael Wechner <michael.wechner at wyona.com> wrote:

I would like to get started with the source of Wordpress in order to 
hopefully help on the APP implementation.

>From the requirements at http://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ it's 
not really clear to me if PHP 5 is also supported.
I know 5 is greater than 4.2, but at the bottom it says things about 
"Why not bleeding edge version ..."

Maybe this is a stupid question, but unfortunately I am not familiar 
with PHP, but in Java land these things can matter ;-)



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