[wp-hackers] plugin non-update and forum non-posting

Andre SC andre at pixelplexus.co.za
Sun Dec 30 12:55:42 GMT 2007


Forgive me for intruding with this here, but I think I've exhausted all 
the alternative avenues. The latest version of my plugin committed 
( isn't showing up on the plugin home page, (going on 24 hours 
since commit) although I can see it in trunk etc at  

Additionally anything I try to post to the forums or even comment under 
my plugins home page gets blocked, perhaps akismet or some such not 
liking the ip I'm on or something? :-/

The previous version of my plugin ( turned out to have some 
serious bugs (/me cringes) so I am quite desperate to get the latest 
version live - can anyone help? I've tried posting via 
wordpress.org/report-bugs/ but haven't received any kind of even 
automated receipt (is there such a thing?) - so dunno if whatever is 
blocking me from the forums is blocking that as well.




Johannesburg, South Africa

PS. have excellent new years

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