[wp-hackers] WordPress and GPLv3

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 02:59:50 GMT 2007

On Dec 25, 2007 5:38 PM, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:
> I am very much against the GPLv3 in general, and its application to
> WordPress in specific. I do not and will not use GPLv3 software in any
> way for any of my work related projects because the GPLv3 poses a much
> greater liability risk than GPLv2 software does.

Could you substantiate this for the benefit of those of us who have
not the same knowledge that you possess? I'm trying to form an opinion
and I want to understand your disdain for GPLv3.

Some guy called Stallman seems to think you disagree with the goal of the GPL:

"There will be people who will ask you not to do so. A minority of our
community seems to be very angry about GPL version 3. And, when we try
to probe to find out their motives, it usually turns out that they
disagree with the goal of the GNU GPL, the goal of guaranteeing
freedom for every user. Please, when people who hold those views ask
you to leave users' freedom vulnerable, don't listen to them. Defend
the user's freedom, that's important. And even if they are people who
ask us not to do it, we've got to do it. We have to defend the user's
freedom against these threats." [2]

Is he wrong? He has a katana [1] so I am inclined to follow his
advice. What do you have?


[1] http://xkcd.com/225/
[2] http://gplv3.fsf.org/rms_gplv3_launch_transcript

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