[wp-hackers] Bug Rot

Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Dec 9 21:13:32 GMT 2007

I'm not saying that the developers, testers, and bug reporters and those 
that supervise tickets aren't doing a good job. They are. Really, if 
anything the WordPress community needs more people to write unit tests, 
write documentation, manage tickets, test WordPress.

The non-sexy stuff and the stuff people forget the names of people who 
do. If every ticket had a patch, then yeah, it would be those with 
commit access. I don't think the short list of those with commit access 
can provide, nor should they be expected to provide each ticket with a 

The point, I suppose before I went off into about three or four tangents 
is the ownership of the bugs. It would be great if each bug had unit 
tests/acceptance tests/reproduce steps that prove the bug exists. 
However the quality of both the bug and the patch, depend entirely on 
the reporter and the coder who provides a patch. In the perfect 
community, those with commit access would be left to either commit 
patches and develop new code. Well, at least for open source.

However, I break my own rules (in that case they would be suggestions), 
so it makes sense. No blame on anyone, it was just an observation and 
epiphany I came upon while looking while going over many of the tickets.

However, DD32 seems to moot my point over the past day, so cheers to 
whoever that guy is.


Jacob Santos

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