[wp-hackers] Page with only articles from category x.

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Thu Aug 30 19:33:22 GMT 2007

> hi , i use your plugin, with a few tweaks - what is changing in 2.3  
> that it breaks the page2cat plugin - I think this will affect other  
> parts of my site too, so a heads-up would be very hepful.

I've noticed some subtle changes in 2.3 beta1 :-) I've committed  
today 0.4.3 that seems to be fully functional on the beta, at least  
for mine locally. If you like to test the plugin and suggest fix and  
improvements, I'll be happy to work on them.

Please refer at the plugin's forum for any kind of comment [1] . I'm  
having some trouble in dealing between comments, mails and  
mailinglists, and so on.. forum (I hope) will let informations flow  

Seems that Category Page have some good karma, and I'm really happy  
about it.


[1] http://talks.pixline.net/forum/category-page-plugin   »  
obviously, it's bbpress ;-)

Paolo / Pixline.net coder

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