[wp-hackers] Proposal for comment moderation support in XML-RPC API

Bogdan Ghervan bghervan at adobe.com
Wed Aug 29 10:20:06 GMT 2007

Hello all,


I work at an application that can run basic blog actions making calls to
the WordPress' XML-RPC API. 


Now I want to be able to retrieve and approve comments directly from my
app, something that the API doesn't endorse. I have already started
writing the methods that can handle this type of operations and I need
to know how to submit them. Is it OK to commit the changes to the


I checked with the timeline of milestone 2.3 and I found out that the
feature freeze occurred on Aug 23. I will be ready to submit
modifications in a couple of days after I finish implementation and
conduct some tests of my own.  If the changes can't make it to 2.3, what
is the time they could get in a public release?


Should I go and submit my proposal as a feature by pushing a ticket into


Best regards,

Bogdan Ghervan

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