[wp-hackers] Adding phpmailer options (smtp for example)

Callum Macdonald lists.automattic.com at callum-macdonald.com
Thu Aug 30 14:46:34 GMT 2007

@Omry, I support that.

So I think that leaves us at:

For plugin: Peter, Kimmo, Morty
For core: Omry, Callum, DD32 (correct me if I misunderstood your mail)

Anyone else?



Omry Yadan wrote:
> I think it should be in the core.
> if email doesn't work for a user, his WordPress is next to useless (he 
> wont get the initial email, and wont be able to request to change the 
> password).
> probably in a section named "Advanced email preferences", with a 
> warning that the user should only change this if he has email problems.
> Callum Macdonald wrote:
>> G'day,
>> It would be possible to add it as a plugin. The change is only 2-4 
>> lines of code though, you simply comment out one line and add another 
>> 2 (4 if you're using SMTP auth). I figured it would make sense to 
>> make it available to all users rather than offering it as an add on.
>> However, happy to go with the consensus. So far I count +2 for a 
>> plugin. Omry, do you have a view on it? Anyone else?
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