[wp-hackers] Fixing Bugs

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Wed Aug 29 04:56:52 GMT 2007

On Aug 28, 2007, at 21:03, Jeremy Visser wrote:

> Stephane Daury wrote:
>> Can you point me/us to a URL I can read up on the progress and get
>> involved with the testing bits?
> If you go to http://trac.wordpress.org/roadmap you can see the  
> different
> milestones we have active at the moment, along with the tickets
> associated with those milestones.
> If you go to this report:
> 	http://trac.wordpress.org/report/16

Perfect, thanks. I'll lurk around when my schedule allows.

I actually just finished setting a plugin in the common repo and  
mapped my own tickets through the convenient Trac RSS feeds, so it'll  
just be one more to add.

Got to get that plugin out the door first (1.0, tomorrow?).

One reason I'm interested in the testing stuff is that ultimately, I  
want to apply the same standards to my own WP plugins and potential  
Why reinvent the wheel, right? So I figure it makes more sense to  
kill two birds with one stone thrown by contributing to existing  
efforts in that realm.
Plus I'll probably learn a thing or two, which is never bad.

> ...that's a report of tickets that are marked as "needs-testing". You
> may be of use there.
>> I'm busy as hell, but I think its worth the effort, especially if  
>> there
>> are already people driving such a project.
> Don't let your contributions to WordPress get in the way of Real  
> Life. :)

Good point, but trust me, my three kids wouldn't let me.
It's kinda difficult to code with the constant "daaaaaaady?" in the  
background. ;)


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