[wp-hackers] Re: SMF Integrator (A WordPress 2.2.2 Plugin)

Christian Höltje docwhat+list.wp.hackers at gerf.org
Mon Aug 27 14:01:40 GMT 2007

* Curt Woodard (clwoodard at gmail.com) [070827 09:27]:
> There is that possibility, especially if WordPress has more than one
> user when the SMF Integrator is installed. Perhaps I can clear out old
> user capabilities the first time someone from SMF logs in... *ponder*
> I'll have to check on that.
> This is mainly WordPress's fault anyway since they use more than one
> table to handle users, but then again, to make the users table
> dynamically increase it's RELVAR when new data is added makes things a
> bit squirrelly... heh
> I'll look into that, perhaps I could introduce a new usermeta table so
> that the old usermeta isn't overrun... but that's going to be easier
> than the mapping of SMF stuff over to WP... heh
> Thanks for brining this up. Since I only have one user (me) I didn't
> think about this... *sigh* and I still have to test the LJ posting
> stuff...

No problem.  I've integrated the users for systems a couple of times
in the past.

How do you determine the user_id for use in wordpress?  Does SMF has a
guaranteed unique number?  If not, can you add one?  That would
prevent the problem of accidentally getting an ex-user's metadata.

If SMF differentiates between 'deleted' and 'deactivated', make sure
you remove the capabilities and reset the user_level instead of
deleting the user from the view; I'm unsure if WP will delete the
metadata if the user is missing.  If it doesn't, then it doesn't
matter.  But that could change in the future.

Also note that if admin the changes the table prefix from 'wp_', it
alters the meta_key for wp_capabilities and wp_user_level; it changes
the wp_ to whatever the prefix is.


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