[wp-hackers] Personalizing db down WordPress errors

jacobsantos at branson.com jacobsantos at branson.com
Wed Aug 8 20:48:45 GMT 2007

That would mean either that caching was disabled or you are in the 
initial install step. If you are in the initial setup step, then yeah, 
there wouldn't be any cache and no database setup either. In which case, 
it is a mute point. This would protect blogs which are established, 
meaning installed and with a cached version.

It also means it would require a core patch, because a plugin won't be 
able to handle this, or at least not with the current plugin system. I 
think it would be useful and I will seek to implement this myself, 
however, I'll probably run it by my work first as it would be useful for 
a current maintained site to make sure that nothing goes "Boom!" The 
default Database Error is pretty crappy, when you are using WordPress as 
a CMS, and even more crappy than the (good) old days when people placed 
"Under Construction" splash screens. Just as useful too.

I think having something, even if it is an older saved version is better 
than, "Hey, this site uses WordPress that failed" and it makes you wish 
for something that is flat file based (I'm kidding). My site was down 
for about a week, which doesn't matter because it was only a personal 
blog (that is low traffic and no one cares about except me). I don't 
want to think about if it happens to sites that I maintain now that 
absolutely require that they be up 100% with no downtime.

I think I might have read of this as a solution before, or at least 
thought about it while my site was down.

Jacob Santos

Aaron Brazell wrote:
> What happens when there is no cached version because the blog is in initial setup and never had proper credentials, etc to bootstrap with? ;)
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