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What happens when there is no cached version because the blog is in initial setup and never had proper credentials, etc to bootstrap with? ;)
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I was thinking about it and I think that since caching is done, that 
when the Database is down, the cached version could be displayed instead 
with an email sent to the admin that the database is down. If the email 
address was in the config.php file, it wouldn't depend on the database 
and will still be able to send the email. If the email changes, the 
config.php could be updated with the change.

As for the options, I think that it might be better off if the option to 
use INI file or XML file was given. It would be faster (in some 
instances). I don't know what the caching options feature depends on, I 
haven't dived that far into it, but it might be useful to limit Database 
usage as much as possible. Using the database is awesome, quick, and 
easy, but it does fail and it will piss users off. I know I was pissed 
when it happened to me.

Mark Jaquith wrote:
> Chetan Kunte wrote:
>>> On self-hosted sites, this is a familiar sight, and it is a bit
>>> obvious to site owners. But not so for visitors, particularly when
>>> they see a WordPress error message on screen [as seen in the link
>>> above].
> Customization is nice (although technically tricky without a DB), but 
> what would be even better, and benefit more people, is a better DB 
> error page, one that serves visitors as well as administrators.
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