[wp-hackers] Varnish and WordPress

Demitrious S. Kelly apokalyptik at apokalyptik.com
Thu Aug 2 19:25:35 GMT 2007

To the best of my knowledge varnish does not work as a content
accelerator with wordpress. Because of the flow of information through
wordpress blogs (last-in-first-out) the entire blog (or at least very
large chunks of it) would need to be invalidated for every
add/edit/delete action. Because of the mutable URI structure of
wordpress it difficult to generate a complete list of URI/URLs that
might have changed because of a given action. This, mixed with the fact
that (afaik) varnish does not allow wild card invalidations, only
specific URI/URL invalidations, makes varnish less than ideal as a
content accelerator for WP. We're working on a project called WPCP which
should alleviate this problem for very large shops for whom wp-cache is
too unruly. For now, wp-cache is still your safest bet.


Paveo Chen wrote:
> Varnish like Squid and eAccelerator like APC,
> that's not the same :)

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