[wp-hackers] Bug in the Mailing List?

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Apr 24 19:30:46 GMT 2007

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Timo Kissing wrote:
> This is due to some clients handling folded headers wrong (see RFC
> 2822). I am not sure which clients screw this up, but I am sure you can
> look it up somewhere - and for some there might even be fixes or
> workarounds. I would suspect MS mail clients to be among those screwing
> it up, but I am biased there.
> So, it should not be a bug in the mailing list (since it happens in the
> middle of threads and the list doesn't tamper with the subject there)
> and unless it is your Outlook screwing up the headers it is not a
> problem on your side.
> Greetings,
> lino.

Guess it's time to see at just which point in the chain this happens and
ID the message/client responsible :)

(I can vouch its not Outlook [which is the best email client, honestly]
since it didn't use to happen a couple of months back, and the ML-Stats
used to show all versions of Outlook in use....)

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