[wp-hackers] Bug in the Mailing List?

Timo Kissing timo.kissing+wordpress at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 19:23:45 GMT 2007

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Computer Guru schrieb:
> Is there a bug in the mailing list that causes long titles to be broken
> up to two sections and a tab in-between?
> In Outlook 2007 on Vista it would look something like this:
> "Survey for plug-in,	theme and hack developers. Please participate!"
> and in Thunderbird on Linux
> "Survey for plug-in,XXtheme and hack developers. Please participate!"
> where XX is a non-printable character.
> I've only seen it on WP-Hackers, and it happens only on long messages,
> though they're not split in the middle. It doesn't always happen from
> the very first time, sometimes a couple of replies down the road.
> Is it just my addy?

This is due to some clients handling folded headers wrong (see RFC
2822). I am not sure which clients screw this up, but I am sure you can
look it up somewhere - and for some there might even be fixes or
workarounds. I would suspect MS mail clients to be among those screwing
it up, but I am biased there.
So, it should not be a bug in the mailing list (since it happens in the
middle of threads and the list doesn't tamper with the subject there)
and unless it is your Outlook screwing up the headers it is not a
problem on your side.

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