[wp-hackers] proposal: context based urls

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Apr 18 21:01:57 GMT 2007

I'm confused -- nice URIs can do most of this today, though obviously 
you've made it a big more discreet.  While I don't know that it has 
quite the 'registered callback' handling methodology, the permalink 
format can already handle complex things, pages get their own top level 
name, and I wouldn't want extraneous parameters added in necessarily.

And yes, plugins using the rewrite system can already tap in and define 
unique URI elements for redirecting.  I do this for a next version of 
CG-Amazon to 'understand' that an incoming URI is meant for me to show 
particular product data in a page, or in other plugins for things like 
alternatives to categories (tagging systems, etc.).


Burobjorn wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like discuss an idea that recently popped up during the 
> development of some custom made plugins for my clients.
> A lot of people seem to use Wordpress as a 'poor man's CMS' and while 
> Wordpress is and has been very flexible I would like to propose to use 
> a new form of url system which might make it even better. The general 
> idea is that the urls would be used with a system wide dispatcher 
> routing the urls to previously registered callbacks. Similar to the 
> way Drupal does this.
> This new system would follow the basic idea that the Wordpress urls 
> are built up using the following principle:
> 1) A wordpress url consists of a base domain e.g.
> www.wordpress.tld or wordpress.tld
> 2) Followed by a unique context parameter e.g.
> /post
> /home
> /somepluginname
> /category
> /search
> /blog (in the case of WP MU)
> etc
> 3) Possibly followed by a unique action parameter e.g.
> /view
> /get
> /remove
> etc
> 4) Possibly followed by one or more values
> /2007/05/13/
> /uncategorized
> /some+search+term
> Some example urls:
> http://www.foo.tld/post/view/2007/04/13/my-bad-hair-day
> http://www.foo.tld/myplugin/view/addressbook
> http://www.foo.tld/search/some+search+terms-withoutthisterm
> http://www.foo.tld/home
> Please let me know what you think of this. Does this make sense or am 
> I trying to do something that already exists in WP (MU) using the 
> permalinks or rewrite options?
> All the best,
> grtz
> BjornW
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