[wp-hackers] should (can?) wp-cache be adopted into the core?

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Wed Apr 18 12:44:37 GMT 2007

Il giorno 18/apr/07, alle ore 14:37, Viper007Bond ha scritto:
> Having something that is essentially core, but
> easily loadable / unloadable (a plugin) would solve this problem  
> and make
> WordPress even more feasible / desirable for large bloggers.

I think that a mixed/layered approach like WPcache plus/or APC plus/ 
or throttle [1] would be a really broad range of ways to deal with  
traffic bumps..
We could also borrow the way throttle deal with load to apply  
different caching strategies, either configurable with some options  
or not.
The throttle plugin is 'under consideration' in wp ideas [2] ; i'm  
using it, but I did not had any useful load to test it (until  
now :-) . Apart from that, its logic seems to me a good and layered  
approach, useful to face the whole problem, imho.

[1] http://www.mutube.com/projects/wordpress/throttle/
[2] http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic.php?id=498&page&replies=1

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