[wp-hackers] should (can?) wp-cache be adopted into the core?

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Apr 17 05:42:55 GMT 2007

I'd say that's a great idea - but for the fact that _before_ adding
WP-Cache, WP runs 100% on all ECMA-standard platforms.

If the same code for PHP on Linux - once compiled into a Windows binary -
doesn't yield the same results...
I know this isn't Ricardo's fault (we've corresponded at length with regards
to the Windows/IIS issue) and it's mostly just PHP with their ridiculous
bugs on Windows to blame; but it just doesn't seem right to include
something that renders WP only partially compatible on systems that
*shouldn't* have any compatibility problems.

Statictize runs on Windows however...

IMO, _if_ WP chooses to integrate a caching system (I'm onboard with that
idea :), we should either stick the limited-but-still-compatible Statictize
or else go through Gallir's WP-Cache with a toothpick and fix that
problem... I pulled an all-nighter going through it and debugging every
step, and just for some odd reason, code that would work on Windows on other
scripts wasn't working right there.. I gave up after 8 hours.

Just my 2 cents. 

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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> > Not unless it can be made 100% compatible with all hosts - Windows
> > and IIS
> > included.
> What if it's included but as an option that can be turned off?
> It's such a good option for the vast majority of people ... it's a
> real shame it's not in the main product.
> This is the one thing that my friends criticize WP for, and with good
> reason, I think.
> I always have to say, "*But* you can install wp-cache!" ...
> Daniel
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